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Lalitha’s Bliss Lab Training®️

My coaching and programs are designed to inspire you and guide you to find happiness, meaning, well-being, and abundance.

Powerful Meditations and Teachings to Transform Your Life

Lalitha's Bliss Lab Training®️ Program - Create a
Life of Meaning, Success and Abundance


Lalitha’s Bliss Lab Training

Get thoroughly and lovingly coached by Lalitha Donatella Riback. Join Bliss Lab Training®️, a personal growth, transformational program to get the life of your dreams, through Vedic astrology, the science of time and manifesting.

You’ll learn how to bring more happiness, abundance, beauty, increased creativity and spiritual bliss into your everyday life.

Lalitha has been empowered by Dr. Baskaran Pillai to teach his ancient-wisdom, life-changing techniques for wealth, joyful renewal, high performance, self-betterment, and bliss. Dr. Pillai is one of the world’s top thought leaders, mystic, scholar, with millions of views on YouTube, and teacher of Wayne Dyer. Lalitha has also learned time-tested tools of happiness, well-being, and abundance from her teacher Deepak Chopra.

Here's what others are saying about the Bliss Lab Training program

After taking BLT Module 1 and Module 2, my intuition is sharper, and now I understand how the universe constantly whispers its secrets to us.

Lalitha has brought so much light into my life with her commitment and love for her students. I’m guided by her to understand the planets, speak to them, and invoke them. This helps me solve problems, too.

It’s an incredible, life-changing journey! And I feel so blessed to be on this path with such an amazing teacher.”

Sita Krishnaswamy

Director Dr. Krishnaswamy Corp. & Fashion stylist Cabi Clothing

I’d been in search of the right Vedic Astrology teacher for 3 years, and I’m so glad I’ve made the decision to take Lalitha’s coaching program, Bliss Lab Training.

She’s very knowledgeable, spiritual, and her approach is unique! It’s not theoretical at all…We always go back to my own horoscope to understand the planetary transits and their effects on my daily life. Proper remedies follow.

I can also make decisions based on my chart and use the auspicious timings.

As a result, I’m much happier and more successful! This is real Jyotish, and Lalitha has the most positive and remedial approach possible.

Leyla Ozlem Demir,


I was fascinated after reading Lalitha’s book “Bliss Lab: How the Ancient Yogis Acquired Supernormal Powers and How You Can Too.”

This inspired me to join Lalitha’s Bliss Lab Training program: timeless ancient wisdom through the Vedic planets to transform your life and manifest your desires.

Each coaching session motivated me and created positive shifts for abundance in all aspects of my life!

These sessions helped me restore balance and harmony “to live a 200 percent life (100% spiritual and 100% material” as per my Guru Babaji Dr. Pillai).

If you’re seeking to “create the life of your dreams” then you’re blessed and divinely guided to connect with a profound, empowered, heart-centered Vedic astrologer Lalitha Donatella Riback from Shreem Lab.

You’ll fall in love with Lalitha’s high vibrational energy, which truly flows to her students with devotion and compassion.

Eternal gratitude for our blessed connection that touched my soul.

Joey (Meera) Miller

Certified Yoga Teacher, Paralegal