Meet Lalitha
How to Manifest With Lunar Tithis
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Oroscopo 2024 Per Tutti i Segni
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2024 Vedic Astrology Predictions for All Signs
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2022 Vedic Astrology Predictions For All Signs
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Meet Lalitha

Vedic astrologer,
life coach,
and spiritual advisor

Are you looking for more
freedom & wealth
or the love of your life?

I help women that are struggling with self-doubt and delays in their success to create a life filled with loving relationships, meaning, and purpose, so they can experience more joy, abundance, freedom & self-confidence.

Want to be an Astrologer?

I also help those who want to learn Vedic astrology to understand themselves, their patterns and how to fix their problems—or want to use Vedic astrology to help others.

Lalitha has been a regular contributor to the Astrological eMagazine and has exhibited deep understanding of Vedic Astrology.

Her approach to this subject is very relevant for the digital age in which we currently live.

Niranjan Babu

CEO, Chief Editor The Astrological eMagazine

After many years of search for a good astrologer, I finally settled down.

I know basic astrology. I learned about Lalitha through her article in The Astrological Magazine, and decided to consult her.

Lalitha has deep insights into the finer nuances of Vedic astrology, and integrates it with her knowledge of the Puranas, which I think makes her unique. Even many Indian astrologers I found didn’t have that level of understanding of the subject.

Besides, she’s a very warm and gentle human being, and gives a very personal approach.

Lalitha instantly goes to the core of a problem to address it, and fix it. Remedies are in the form of easy rituals…and reveal some aspect of your personality that affects your karma in the physical world.

Dipen Shah

Attorney at Law, Gujarat High Court

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

About Me

When I was a teenager, my parents and I went on vacation in India. And at our hotel, there was an astrologer. I loved things like psychology, personal development & astrology, so I decided to get a reading.

Now, I was expecting him to give me my Capricorn horoscope for the month.

That’s not what he did. He did what’s called Vedic Astrology, where he looked at the date, time and location of my birth and created a chart with planets, scribbles and calculations.

And then he started to tell me things about my life—very personal things that no one knew about me. That I’d had a sad childhood. That I wrote short stories – and that was a secret I had never shared with anyone before!

And then he started to make predictions.
That I would become a professional writer.
That I’d move to a foreign country… and that I would marry a foreigner, that I would live by a big body of water and have two children.

When he finished, I took my chart and the predictions that he had written down, and I put them inside a book and decided not to tell anyone about it.

Fast forward a few years…

All his predictions started to come true. Two different high-profile editors asked me to write some articles, and I became a professional journalist. Later, I met a man who was from America—a foreigner!—and we got married. I then moved to the U.S. We had two children, two boys, and we lived in Chicago next to Lake Michigan for a number of years.

During that time, I was working in PR, but I’ve always loved spirituality, so I became a meditation & yoga teacher, and I even moved to India for 6 years to immerse myself in spirituality even more.

And I realized that out of all the methodologies I used in my own life, the number 1 methodology that worked the fastest and had the largest impact… was Vedic Astrology.

That’s because your own spiritual practice needs to be unique to you. Based on your chart, you need a certain approach that might be different from what you’ve already been trying or were taught was the “right way.”


For Example

  • Some people need a more intellectual approach.
  • Others need a more devotional approach, with mantras to praise the Divine and feel a deep connection.
  • Other people need an approach that’s more action-oriented, like helping other people.

So I became a Vedic astrologer and used this to deepen my yoga and meditation teachings.

Now I’m able to help my students and clients find the answers to their bigger questions, like:

  • What’s the reason for my birth?
  • What is my life purpose?
  • What are my hidden gifts?
  • How can I fix my finances?
  • When will I meet my soulmate?

You’ll learn this (and more ) when you work with me…

My Bio

I’ve been learning meditation from different masters since 1993. I’ve also studied Ayurveda (India’s ancient medicine) with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon & Ayurvedic physician Vasant Lad. These extraordinary individuals have contributed to my training as a life and spiritual coach.

My students benefit from what I’ve learned in the last 25 years—effective and time-tested techniques for

  • Time management
  • Productivity
  • Well-being
  • Happier relationships
  • Abundance
  • Manifesting
  • Bliss

In 2003, I made a life-changing decision and left my work as a public relations vice president and creative director to become a full-time, certified meditation and yoga teacher. I never looked back and never regretted it! I love what I do and nothing gives me more joy than seeing my students thrive.

I’m also a Reiki master, and love anything connected with the healing arts.

I have a B.A. in Vedic astrology, and I contribute to The Astrological Magazine (founded by the legendary Dr. B.V. Raman) and other publications.

My purpose is to share these teachings with you and together contribute to a better world.

With all my love,

I passionately believe in a “200 percent life”– a life of 100 percent material fulfillment, and 100 percent spiritual fulfillment. This is the foundational teaching of Dr. Baskaran Pillai, scholar, yogi and humanitarian, and my teacher since 2007.

Lalitha Donatella Riback


These are some of the ways I can help you

What People Are Saying About Working with Lalitha

Lalitha creates a safe and professional space for her clients. Her in-depth knowledge and intuitive skills are impressive, and I love her passion, integrity and dedication.

Isabella Price

International speaker, Professor at JFK University, Author of “Goddess Power”

Lalitha was very precise in letting me know why I was going through a certain situation.

She was very clear in what I needed to do to overcome / deal with the situation. The consultation was just what I needed because it gave me a clearer picture of what was going on. I would highly recommend an astrology consultation with Lalitha, if you feel that you’re “stuck” in any aspect of your life.

Nanggai Kasinathan


I’ve had the immense joy of reading Bliss Lab. It’s a life changing book for anyone. It’s brilliant and uplifting.

Lalitha brings true light to the birth chart. So beautiful. I’m so blessed to be her student. After Module 1, I also signed up for the higher level of the Bliss Lab Training program…you experience true self-awareness when Lalitha does a reading or teaches a class.

Sita Krishnaswamy

Director Dr. Krishnaswamy Corp. & Fashion stylist Cabi Clothing

I’m glad the Divine led me to you. You’ve given me hope.

We value your advice and guidance. Your predictions are so accurate. No words are enough to thank you.

Thila Shreesaatvighi

George Town, Malaysia

I feel super supported and I’m excited for the remedies. Thank you so much!

Tomoko Oki

New York, USA

I’d been in search of the right Vedic Astrology teacher for 3 years, and I’m so glad I’ve made the decision to take Lalitha’s coaching program, Bliss Lab Training.

She’s very knowledgeable, spiritual, and her approach is unique! It’s not theoretical at all…We always go back to my own horoscope to understand the planetary transits and their effects on my daily life. Proper remedies follow.

I can also make decisions based on my chart and use the auspicious timings.

As a result, I’m much happier and more successful! This is real Jyotish, and Lalitha has the most positive and remedial approach possible.

Leyla Ozlem Demir,


I started 2020 with Lalitha’s Bliss Lab Training program and the more advanced Module 2. Each session with Lalitha brings such bliss and wisdom. Her predictions are so accurate, as Vedic astrology is a spiritual science.

For example, I was expecting a payment, which was delayed for quite some time. Lalitha advised me the day I should expect the payment, as per my Vedic birth chart, and miraculously it happened exactly as she stated. I’m so grateful for her divine guidance and inspiration. It is such a blessing to receive this insight of self-realization through the cosmic planets.

Joey (Meera) Miller,

Certified Yoga Teacher, Paralegal

Watch This Amazing Video Testimonial

What Is Shreem?

“Everything in the world is a manifestation of sound.”

Shreem is the traditional sound vibration to invoke Goddess Lakshmi, the archetype of immense wealth.

Shreem is also incredible joy, happiness, beauty, abundance, life energy, and creation. Shreem can even bring you enlightenment.

Get the guidance that turns your problems into powerful solutions.
Fix your relationship or get a loving new one.
Grow your money or start a successful business.


Ready to take the first step and get on a Free Discovery Call with Lalitha?

Email [email protected]



The contents of the collective unconsciousare Archetypes, primordial images thatreflect basic patterns that are common to usall, and which have existed universallysince the dawn of time.


Da più di 12 anni, Lalitha aiuta centinaia di persone come te a sperimentare più felicità, successo e crescita spirituale in base ai loro oroscopi. Ha anche fondato ShreemLab®, un portale d’astrologia online con una comunità di molte migliaia di abbonati.

Inoltre, Lalitha è una “200% Life Coach” certificata dal Pillai Center (centro di Mind Science), ha una laurea in astrologia vedica e diverse certificazioni come insegnante di yoga, maestra di Reiki e consulente in Ayurveda (l’antica medicina indiana).

È anche specializzata in un sistema raro ed efficace chiamato DNA Astrology (che rivela la profonda connessione tra il tuo karma e quello dei tuoi antenati) e ha ricevuto una certificazione avanzata in questa metodologia.

Tra le sue opere da scrittice, il libro di astrologia Bliss Lab: How the Ancient Yogis Acquired Supernormal Powers and How You Can Too è stato n° 1 in Amazon New Releases in Astrologia Orientale e n° 2 in Astrologia.

Oroscopo 2024 | © Lalitha Donatella Riback – ShreemLab®

Lalitha helps hundreds of people like you achieve more happiness, success, and spiritual growth based on their horoscopes. In addition to being a Vedic astrologer since 2010, she’s the founder of ShreemLab®,  an astrology portal with a community of many thousands of subscribers who love personal and spiritual growth.

Lalitha is a certified Pillai Center 200% Life Coach, and holds a B.A. in Vedic astrology & multiple certifications as a yoga teacher, Reiki master, and consultant in Ayurveda (India’s ancient medicine).

Lalitha has also specialized in a rare & effective system called DNA Astrology (that reveals the connection between your karma & the karma of your ancestors), and has received an advanced certification in this methodology. Additionally, Lalitha is a multi-published author.

Her astrology book Bliss Lab: How the Ancient Yogis Acquired Supernormal Powers and How You Can Too  was #1 in Amazon New Releases in Eastern Astrology and #2 in Astrology.

Copyright © Lalitha Donatella Riback | ShreemLab®