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The 9 Vedic planets

In Vedic astrology, your birth chart is both a mirror of your soul and a blueprint of your mindset, relationships, health and professional tendencies.

The 9 Vedic Planets


Day of the week: Sunday

Ruling Archetype: Shiva

Colors: Orange, Orange-Yellow, Bright Red, Maroon



The Sun represents both your soul and your true Self. In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered a planet and not just a star.

The Sun’s energy is very pure (or Satwic) and can bring you more intelligence, righteousness, power and leadership, vitality, gold, rubies, self-respect, success, and even royal consciousness.


To achieve the positive attributes of the Sun, we need to reduce or eliminate the following negative qualities that stem from the ego: false pride, egoism, and misuse of power.


The Sun in your birth chart shows your level of success, self-esteem, and how you can attract career growth and wealth. If vitality is low, the reasons are often rooted in the Sun’s placement in the birth chart. Vedic astrology is equipped with traditional, effective remedies for fixing career and vitality problems.

The Sun is also the planet that rules leaders, VIPs, politicians and royalty. So the astrologer can tell you how to get help from powerful individuals or speed your path to success and wealth.

Learn how to achieve more success and wealth

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Day of the week: Monday

Ruling Archetype: Lalitha Tripura Sundari or Parvati

Color: White



The Moon represents your mind. In Vedic astrology, this luminary and satellite is considered a planet. Its energy is very pure (or Satwic) and controls your emotions and sensitivity.

The Moon rules unconditional love, mothers, feelings, pearls, moonstones, emotions, intuition, emotional security and protection, receptivity, nourishing and nurturing others. The Moon can give pure beauty, a lovely face, and physical attraction.


Due to the Moon’s wobbly nature, unstable emotions and overly fluctuating thoughts can occur. From the Moon (Luna in Latin) we have coined the term lunacy.


 The Moon in your birth chart shows your mind, your thinking and your emotional patterns. A Vedic astrologer can give you advice and remedies for adding more bliss and joy to your life by reducing or eliminating emotional pain.

Opening the heart chakra or spiritual center for all-embracing love and emotional intelligence can be done with the help of a skilled Vedic astrologer.

Learn how to achieve happiness, calmer and content emotions and wealth.

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Day of the week: Tuesday

Overlord: Muruga

Color: Red



The Red Planet called Mars represents your strength, passion and energy. This planet helps you take right action at the perfect time, and helps you with self-betterment and self-discipline. With Mars’ positive influence, you can win in sports competition and acquire a fit, attractive body. Self-discipline can be also used for spiritual practices. Without showing up for our meditation and yoga, we might never make progress.

Mars allows you to take steps to defend yourself when the need arises. It can bestow the courage you need to stand up and win over enemies or unethical individuals.


Mars’ more difficult traits include aggression and anger—which need to be curbed to live a healthy and positive life. While anger can be a healthy sign that you need to walk away from toxic people or situations, and individuals who violate your self-respect, frequent anger and holding onto angry emotions can lead to self-destructive actions.


Increasing self-discipline and fixing an overly angry Mars require Vedic remedies from an expert astrologer. Also, eliminating lethargy and increasing energy are the keys to success and good decision making.

A skilled Vedic astrologer can help you take action at the perfect time without hesitation or procrastination. You can also be guided to rebuild your physical attractiveness and stamina.

Learn how to fix your finances, win in competition, make profitable deals in real estate, and fix your relationship.

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Day of the week: Wednesday

Overlord: Vishnu

Color: Green



Everyone uses Mercury. Writing, speaking, social media—all kinds of communication require the help from this clever, flexible, adaptable, detail and goal oriented planet.

Mercury wants to profit from every interaction—to get knowledge, have fun, enjoy the company of someone from the opposite sex and friends. Thanks to Mercury, strategies and goal setting bring gains in business. It’s the planet of merchants and trade.

Mercury can help you with mathematics, science and technology, and its uncanny skills can even help one become a billionaire.

A pleasant sense of humor that makes it attractive and sympathetic derives from Mercury.


Do you know at least one person who says all the right things and actually lives by opposite standards? Mercury is involved in this type of outlook. Mercury keeps an eye on the bottom line—and often ignores ethical guidelines.

Watch out for cunning attitudes, superficiality, and restlessness that can lead to nervous burnout.


Have you heard the expression, “God is in the details” and have you experienced lack of success due to uttering the wrong words? If placed in an unfavorable place, Mercury can be fixed with Vedic remedies prescribed by a professional Vedic astrologer.

Where Mercury is placed in your chart indicates your finances, and whether you’re articulate or ineffective in your verbal and written expressions. Remedial measures can be given by the Vedic astrologer to increase intelligence in communication and business, choose the right strategy and grow your money.

Grow your wealth, profit in your business, and improve your communication. 

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 Day of the week: Thursday

Overlord: Shiva

Color: Yellow



Jupiter or Guru in Sanskrit is considered by the ancient yogis the planet of highest intelligence. Guru means—the remover of ignorance. This planet brings you the pure (or Satwic) energy of the space element or ether, positive expansion, optimism, wealth from different sources (not just monetary), higher knowledge, spirituality, ethics, philosophy and religion.

Jupiter also brings wealth through goodness and higher ideals—keeping in mind the good for all to make a difference, and leave your mark in the world in selfless ways.

Noble goals, inspiration, trust, faith, higher teachings and desire for God come from Jupiter.


Misunderstood religion can lead to divisiveness and dogma—which is far from the originally pure intentions of those spiritual teachings coming from sages, masters, prophets and avatars.


Where Jupiter is placed in your birth chart can show your children, your ideals, your ethics, and your capacity to attract wealth through positivity and faith. The Vedic astrologer can guide you to grow your wealth and faith with traditional steps.

Expand your wealth, improve issues with children and education, and grow spiritually. 

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Day of the week: Friday

Overlord: Lakshmi

Color: White, Pink



Venus is the planet behind sensual pleasures, and activities surrounding design, arts, fashion, luxury and beauty.

 Also, Venus is associated with relationship. comforts, happiness, gracious manners, diplomacy, and wealth.


Excessive tendencies to listen Venus nudges can lead to self-indulgence and forgetting higher values.


A well-placed Venus in your birth chart makes you attractive and gives you a lovely appearance whether you’re a male or female.

Fixing a badly placed Venus in your chart with remedial Vedic astrology can help you fix or attract a relationship, restore happiness, make you more attractive and bring prosperity into your life.

Find a loving relationship, enjoy luxury and beauty beautiful.

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Day of the week: Saturday

Overlords: Hanuman, Shiva

Colors: Dark Blue, Black



Without Saturn, we would never mature at the soul level and we would risk living in meaningless, narrow and selfish ways.

In fact, Saturn helps you experience compassion towards the most underprivileged and yearn for justice for those who suffer most.

Saturn helps you persevere in your work for your long-term security and prosperity.

Commitment, necessary hard work, humility and compassion can help you become a CEO in your company or bring you the help of Saturn to become wealthy through earth’s inner resources like steel, uranium and petrol.

Saturn also rules the poor working classes, denim fabric, and longevity.


Saturn can reward us very slowly for our hard work, bringing frustration, fear, and sorrow from losses.


Your longevity can be seen from the position of Saturn. Vedic astrology can guide and give remedies to help live a long and successful life. Also, your long-term career success can be ensured through the help of a skilled Vedic astrologer, who can guide you to making good career decisions in career and building your long-term wealth.

Reduce or end pain from financial, health, and relationship problems. Increase longevity with traditional, astrological remedies.

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Day of the week: Monday

Overlord: Durga

Colors: Bright Blue, Smoky Colors, Black



Rahu is the invisible north lunar node, which is considered a planet and a source of incredible desire. Rahu brings innovation and progress through cutting-edge technologies. This planet can grant positive, out-of-the-box thinking, making one more unconventional and attracted by foreign cultures.

Rahu can make one live in a foreign country, and marry someone from different religion, culture and background.

Electricity, interests in research, and drive for different life experiences are ruled by Rahu.


Rahu can bring restlessness, fears and nervous breakdown, acting much like Saturn and Mercury. A badly placed Rahu can lead to cutting corners and wrongdoing. Mysterious skin diseases are also under the domain of Rahu.


With the help of the Vedic astrologer, Rahu will bring better results by eliminating fears and ensuring more success. Vedic remedies can eliminate confusion (a troublesome side-effect of Rahu) and bring clarity and success into your life.

Fix life troubles in finances, health and relationships, and stop sorrow from ups and downs.

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Day of the week: Sunday

Overlord: Ganesha

Color: Brown, Multicolor



Ketu is the invisible south lunar node, which is considered a planet in Vedic astrology. A healthy detachment from the outcome of worldly activities is the result from a well-placed Ketu.

Spiritual tendencies and even asceticism can lead to spiritual enlightenment.


Ketu can bring harmful tendencies to criticize and dismiss others. Ketu can act like Mars and bring anger, frustration and losses.


The Vedic astrologer can give you precious guidance to curb Ketu’s bad influence, which brings money and relationship losses, and improve Ketu’s results and increase success in your work and wealth.

Vedic remedies can help increase the positive aspects of this planet that can lead to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Eliminate financial losses, fix your relationship, and enjoy your spiritual path.

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Inoltre, Lalitha è una “200% Life Coach” certificata dal Pillai Center (centro di Mind Science), ha una laurea in astrologia vedica e diverse certificazioni come insegnante di yoga, maestra di Reiki e consulente in Ayurveda (l’antica medicina indiana).

È anche specializzata in un sistema raro ed efficace chiamato DNA Astrology (che rivela la profonda connessione tra il tuo karma e quello dei tuoi antenati) e ha ricevuto una certificazione avanzata in questa metodologia.

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Lalitha is a certified Pillai Center 200% Life Coach, and holds a B.A. in Vedic astrology & multiple certifications as a yoga teacher, Reiki master, and consultant in Ayurveda (India’s ancient medicine).

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