Do You Want to Manifest

Like the Yogis?

The 9 Sounds to Get Everything You Want

You’ll also receive tips on how to transform your life into your best life

Do You Want to Manifest Like the Yogis?

The 9 Sounds to Get Everything You Want

You’ll also receive tips on how to transform your life into your best life

Are you looking for more freedom & wealth
or the love of your life?

  • Maybe you want to land your ideal job with a much larger income…
  • Or attract your soulmate
  • Or get more time to travel and see new, exciting places…
  • Or time for yourself to learn about your higher potential and hidden talents…
  • Or enough energy and courage to completely redo your life…
  • Or form great friendships & connections with like-minded & authentic people
  • Or help to achieve your big dreams…

Hi I’m Lalitha, I’m a life coach and a Vedic astrologer, and I help people like you grow their wealth and fix their relationships so they can experience their best life. Let me show you how…

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My coaching and programs are designed to inspire you and guide you to find happiness, meaning, well-being, and abundance.

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How to Quickly Create a Peaceful Space to Manifest Miracles


Recently I’ve been under the impression that the only good outcome from the madness and challenges we’re collectively facing is a great awakening.


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Finally, I got this nice book. Really very interesting and also feeding the soul! BLISS LAB is really very inspiring.

Vaneshri Mootin

Lalitha has been a regular contributor to the Astrological eMagazine and has exhibited deep understanding of Vedic Astrology. Her approach to this subject is very relevant for the digital age in which we currently live.

Niranjan Babu, CEO, Chief Editor The Astrological eMagazine

I enjoyed the positive energy and kindness during my reading

It definitely helped me for my action plans, what I need to do to enjoy this lifetime. Thank you very much for such and kind and intuitive reading. I highly recommend it.

Tomoko Oki

I am touched by the depth, beauty, love, generosity and effectiveness of Lalitha. I immediately followed her advice. Much gratitude.

Monica Alesina

You’re an amazing astrologer. Thank you, nice lady.


I had leg surgery yesterday and during your call it did not hurt anymore.


Her predictions are really perfect. That’s why I appreciate her. She’s an inspiration, always.

Sonu Chouhan

Thank you very much Lalitha. It was a great pleasure talking to you.
I am glad the Divine led me to you. You have given me hope. We value your advice and guidance.


In this program, you’re making a positive difference in our lives. Thank you very much!


Just by reading Lalitha’s profile, my 3rd eye opened up so much: the energy was amazing.


I feel very good after having a reading with you. You have helped instill faith in me, and I am taking your advice and empowering myself. Your predictions were so accurate. No words are enough to thank you.

Thila Shreesaatvighi

Lalitha is a very talented Vedic astrologer.


Lalitha was very precise in letting me know why I was going through a certain situation. She was very clear in what I needed to do to overcome / deal with the situation. The consultation was just what I needed because it gave me a clearer picture of what was going on. I would highly recommend an astrology consultation with Lalitha, if you feel that you’re “stuck” in any aspect of your life.

Nanggai Kasinathan

I’d been in search of the right Vedic Astrology teacher for 3 years, and I’m so glad I’ve made the decision to take Lalitha’s coaching program, Bliss Lab Training.

She’s very knowledgeable, spiritual, and her approach is unique! It’s not theoretical at all…We always go back to my own horoscope to understand the planetary transits and their effects on my daily life. Proper remedies follow.

I can also make decisions based on my chart and use the auspicious timings.

As a result, I’m much happier and more successful! This is real Jyotish, and Lalitha has the most positive and remedial approach possible.

Leyla Ozlem Demir,


Learn how you can fix your relationship, financial and career problems. Get more enthusiasm, happiness and empower yourself with the secrets of Vedic astrology.